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Searching and other internet booksellers, I find the 5th, 
1997 edition of "Humason's Animal Tissue Techniques" to be out of 
print, with no new edition indicated.
Is there a 6th edition in the works?

Phil and all,
The Putt Modification of the Zeihl-Neelsen Stain is reputed to stain 
bovine Brucella.
The method is a cold ZN utilising New Fuchsin at room temperature and 
then treating with Saturated Aqueous Lithium Carbonate.
The method is in "Animal Tissue Techniques" by Gretchen L. Humason.

         Regards,  Laurie.

At 10:13 AM 03/11/04 -0600, Philip Oshel wrote:


I've got a project coming in to look at bacteria in the SEM. No 
problem, I do that routinely. But, it seems to me that this group 
would be better off sectioning their samples and staining the 
Except they claim the bugs won't stain.
This is for Brucella melitensis in mouse tails.
Anyone have a good stain for these bacteria? The stain would be done 
on sections.
Calcified or decalified better? I don't think that matters to the 
study, but it might to the staining.

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