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I have used two kinds so far with good results from both.  One is the Thermo(Shandon), I believe they're called Hyperclean something.  They have different sizes.  The one I have now is by Labconco, but I don't know where we got it from (it was here before I got here).  It also works very good.  
I also looked in the Mopec catalog and found some very similar, if not the same, as the Thermo ones you might give them a try.  
You can always try them out before you buy them, and I recomend you do.
Thermo- 1-800-547-7429
Mopec- 1-800-362-8491
Fisher-  1-800-640-0640
p.s. Labconco is distributed by Fisher Scientific.

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	Hi everyone,
	Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with benchtop fume
	hoods.  I'm looking into purchasing one primarily because of xylene,
	formaldehyde, and paraformaldehyde and would appreciate any thoughts
	about them.  Thanks again for sharing all your wisdom! Sylvia
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