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From:Caroline Stott

Hi Myriam

We generally use Formic acid for decalcifying.  I agree that you should not=20
use any fixative as it will slow the process down.  You will need to check=20
the acid solution every few days for the amount of mineral left in the 
tissue.  Regular changes of acid solution are needed as the solution 
becomes saturated.  Once there is no mineral left in the tissue we wash in=20
running water for several hours to remove the acid.  Some tissues however 
may require a neutralising step before processing.
Hope that helps.

Hello everyone
I would like to decalcify teeh in sodium formiate and acid formique
but do you think if i should add a fixative to my solution, like 
glutaraldéhye or formaline or paraformaldéhyde, if you did use it,  which 
purcentage did you use please ?
After decalcification do you rinse your samples (bones or teeth) in a 
special solution before dehydrating ?
Thank you very much in advance
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Caroline Stott

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