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If you add either formalin or glutaraldehyde they will  dramatically slow down the mineralization process.
If you have very large specimens and are worried about maceration you can always remove the tissue from the decalcification solution and "refix" for a short time in your original fixative.
After acid demineralization, you need to wash well in running tap water to remove all traces of the acid so that they will not contaminate the processing solutions (or even remain in the tissue when it is in the paraffin block). Traces of acid in the processed paraffin block will cause all sort of problems.
Hope that this helps

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Hello everyone
I would like to decalcify teeh in sodium formiate and acid formique but do you think if i should add a fixative to my solution, like glutaraldéhye or formaline or paraformaldéhyde, if you did use it,  which purcentage did you use please ? After decalcification do you rinse your samples (bones or teeth) in a special solution before dehydrating ? 
Thank you very much in advance
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