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The places I have worked have had screening areas separate from the lab and
were officially designated "clean" areas, so eating and drinking was ok. In
each case only a door separated these areas from the lab.

Tim Morken

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Our cytotech and pathologist both eat and drink while they are screening
slides.  Nothing has been said to this point.  Our pathologist's office is
not in the main lab, but the cytotech's office is the first office in the
main lab (but she has a door that closes and no other specimens every go in
either office, just coverslipped slides). Please keep us informed of any
information that you gather from this.

>>> "Deltour, Douglas D.(HM2)"  03/11/04
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The hospital safety officer came through today and said that there should be
no eating or drinking while the cytologists screen slides. This is just a
screening room. Does anyone know the reference or instruction that states
this? Thanks

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