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And only 29 weeks left 'till NSH.....

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T  O   R  O  N  T  O  !!!!
            I have received an invitation to present a report on the new
methods of muscle and nerve biopsies that have been sent all over the
place----109 sent so far----at the National Histotechnology Convention in
Toronto next September.  I will look forward to meeting  those of you who
can come to that big get-together. I spoke at the 1978 convention in San
Francisco on silver techniques.  That was a speech-only presentation before
the whole meeting. This time, there will he a lab set up for the muscle and
nerve confab. I'm already putting a video together that will project on a
large screen, and I mean to make most of it live so we can get down to
practical biopsy performance. It will be a good chance to get acquainted,
and to work out practical methods to improve the yield of information from
muscle and nerve biopsy tissues. It will be a three hour lab. I'm already
practicing my presentation on my wife. I've gone through it 32 times already
for her.  My, It'll be nice to present to folks that don't keep turning the
TV up loud while I'm talking.  I have been reading every message on the
Histonet since last July, when I joined. And I have taken a cue from the
messages you fellow techs send to each other.  I have reduced my total 3
hour presentation down to the initial letters of every word----you know,
like all of you immuno processing techs  ---it should be just an elegant
up-to-the-minute presentation. But truly folks, I will look forward to doing
the best I can to get some of these methods into public domain for the good
of the patients .I've been having the time of my life communicating with you
folks all over the world. Toronto will be the peek capper to my
histoteching. I  already sleep hovering 14 inches over the
bed.---tension?---  naaaahhh---but  If I can just bring it off in Toronto,
maybe I can look forward to coming in for a landing.------ See you there, I
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