[Histonet] Steiner probs/H. pylori on Nexes

From:"Derek & Lynda Leopold"

Hi Netters,
    I've been searching the Histonet archives for some ideas on how to fix our pesky Steiner stain for H. pylori.  I suspect our problems are typical: 1) some slides work and some don't, even in the same batch  2) lots of non-specific silver ppte.  3) we use the microwave method, and often fry the specimens.
    Ok, so while I don't want to take up the list's time by revisiting this old problem, anyone who feels like writing off-list with some tips is more than welcome.
    My other question is: Can an IHC for H. pylori be done on the Ventana Nexes?  If so, does anyone have any opinions as to cost comparison with Steiner?  We do about 15 slides a day with microwave Steiner, BUT we usually have to recut and redo about half of those.  I argue that the techs could be doing something else, and the Ventana could be doing our stains for us.
    Please reply off list, because I know this is old news to most of you.
Lynda Leopold
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