[Histonet] Research labs - charges and a question about outside contracting

From:Victoria Baker

Good Morning Everyone,

I have been asked to look around at what research labs
are currently charging for Histology work.  Our lab is
NCI funded (partially) the balance of our funding
comes from donations, grants and some private contract

Currently we do the following procedures in our
facility and I have attached what the fees we charge

Basic H&E with pathology review - $9.00/slide
Basic H&E without pathology review - $4.50/slide
IHC (ES automated)with pathology review -
Manual IHC with pathology review - $45.00 (w/o $40.00)
IHC without pathology review - $20.00/slide
ISH with pathology review - $45.00/slide
FISH with pathology review/report - $45.00/slide
Immunofluour. - cells & tissue $30.00/antibody
Laser scanning cytometry with analysis - $15.00/per
Cell staining for flow cytometry including PI -
Flow cytometry/cell cycle analysis and report - $15.00
per hour.  
We have several more procedures that we do, but they
are not that common.  
*These are antibodies like PCNA, Vimentin etc done on
mostly rat and human samples.  Our mouse and other
animal models have to be done manually because of
cross reactivity issues.  

We have a Ventana ES and a Ventana Discovery stainer
in our lab and I am the only Histologist in house.  I
have 1.5 people that can help with certain aspects of
the staining but are not Histology trained.  

Our our prices in line with labs similar to ours?  
Is anyone currently using outside contractors to do
some of their Histology work?  If so which work?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Vikki Baker
Institute for Cancer Prevention
Valhalla, New York 10595

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