[Histonet] Lack of IHC staining peripheral edge


I apologize if this is a duplicate message. I've had difficulty posting on
the histonet. In our laboratory we have noticed a lack of
immunohistochemistry staining on the peripheral edges of the tissue sections
on occasion. It is not limited to a specific case, as it seems to occur on
all the cases to some degree on the same IHC run. The repeat stains have
been fine, no artifact. I thought that it was a drying artifact and
therefore, intentionally allowed a slide to dry out completely before
application of the primary antibody. The immuno stain result was fine. Can
anyone share with me what causes the lack of staining along the peripheral
edges during IHC staining?
Thanks in advance,
Patty Kubier
800-258-1253 ext. 2027

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