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Looking for help! Any suggestion? Any comment? THanks in advance.


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 Subject: rat probe for insitu on mouse tissue? 
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Good morning, everyone,

I have been doing double insitu on rat brain tissue (c-fos RNA rat probe
radioactive and enk RNA rat probe non-radioactive). And the staining works
fine. Recently, we are begining to try in situ on mouse brain tissue. Can I
just use rat RNA probes on mouse tissue? I have blasted the probes sequence,
they match rat c-fos/enk sequence very well, and match mouse c-fos/enk about
90%. Is this kind of match good enough to get good signal on mouse tissue? Does
anyone have any suggestion? Do I need to reduce the strigency of wash to retain
more signal in this case? If it is not good to use rat probe, can anyone
recommend any good mouse probe for c-fos and enkephalin? Thanks very much!

Pengwei Yang

BioPsychology Program
University of Michigan

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