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From:"Chan Wai Kam"

Hi Sylvia,

Our lab has 2 bench top fume hoods and we're having a problem with the filters getting saturated very quickly as our usage of solvents is quite heavy.  We've wrote to the building's management for permission to install a ducted fume hood but was rejected as our basement lab isn't meant to be used for such work and didn't come with an installed hood.  

I think it would depend on your type of usage.  For heavy chemical usage, a ducted hood is more suitable.  If not, like us, you'll have a problem with frequent changes of filters and they don't come cheap either.

Julee Chan
Musculoskeletal Tissue Lab 
Orthopaedic Surgery 
National University of Singapore

Sylvia wrote:

Hi everyone,  
Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with benchtop fume hoods. I'm looking into purchasing one primarily because of xylene,  formaldehyde, and paraformaldehyde and would appreciate any thoughts about them. Thanks again for sharing all your wisdom! Sylvia 
Sylvia P. Poulos  
USDA-ARS-Animal Physiology Research Unit Athens, 
GA 30605  706-583-8279 
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