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When I worked at the hospital , I was expected to be at my work station, waterbath already set up and microtome ready to cut, AT the time I was hired to work exp 6 am , I better be in my seat ready to cut or embed at 6 am not 6:01 am.
Oneday I was 3 minutes late , to which I have NEVER been late for work and the reason I was late was do to personal bathroom requirements. My boss told me all about it, I never even tried to explain why I was late because she wasn't the type to listen.
Anyway I feel if you are hired to be at work at 6 AM you should be ready to start at that time.
The only BIG problem I have is when employers expect you to work those extra few minutes that add up within the week, you know the 10 min or the 13 min X 5 does add up and you never get paid for that.
Of course I don't work at the one place I was speaking of in the beginning of this note, I quit there. But not because of the 3 minutes.
Where I work now the time is a little more relaxed, I still get to work 15 to 20 minutes earlier and start than.
But I don't like it when I depend on my coworker to be here at her shift and she's 20 minutes to 25 minutes late all the time.
I guess what I am saying is I don't like people being late.
sandi miller

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