supporting tissue while paraffin embedding

From:"Miller, Janet"

Hi, I was wondering if someone had any advice for me.  I am working with
hydrocephalic rat brains, which have enlarged ventricles- making them
essentially a balloon.  I was wondering if anyone had some advice as to what
I can inject in to the ventricles after cardiac perfusion and a short post
fix with 4% paraformeldehyde solution, that would help support the tissue
during Paraffin processing.  I am currently working with GFAP and Isolectin
B-4 microglial stains, so I would prefer if what ever method of support did
not interfere with staining.  I was thinking of one of 3 different ways I
could achieve this.
1) Agar 
2) gelatin
3) HistoGel

If anyone has any thoughts on these or any other suggestions, and
concentrations I could try of the different materials, I would appreciate

Thank you very much.


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