staining too weak for ISH

From:Terri Thinnes

Message for Sanjay about weak counterstaining of is situ hybridization slides

Hi, I do a H&E counterstain on my radio-labelled in situ slides. But I 
found the hematoxylin was too weak so I purchased a Gill triple strength 
and an intensified eosin. I stain for 1 minute each. The stain is 
beautiful. In comparison, if I use this same hematoxylin for an IHC 
counterstain, I can do one quick dip and that is more than enough! Staining 
5-10 minutes in Mayer's Hematoxylin did not stain intensely enough for  my 
ISH. So, I think you need a more concentrated stain. Terri Thinnes The 
Scripps Research Institute

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