TdT enzyme from Ventana (Cell Marque)

From:Victoria Baker

Hi Everyone,

I have a "rush" study using TdT from Ventana.  I've
never used it before, so I'm looking to see if anyone
else has used it and how they liked it.  

I have to stain mouse lungs using the Ventana ES (our
Discovery system isn't up yet). I use an EDTA based
solution for heat retrieval with a microwave. 
According to the "spec" sheet it says to incubate for
32 minutes, has anyone found this to be too long an
incubation for mouse tissue?

Normally I do this by in-situ manually, but because as
usual PI's don't understand the meaning of advanced
planning I'm forced to resort to this method.

Any information is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Vikki Baker
Institute for Cancer Prevention 
(formerly American Health Foundation)
One Dana Road
Valhalla, New York 10595

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