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From:Lesley Weston

I'm replying to all the answers to this question. This is an extraordinary
way to treat professionals. It's not a great way to treat anybody, but
surely all that education and training entitles one to be considered a
responsible adult. No wonder morale is so low and it's so difficult to
recruit new people!

Lesley Weston.

on 20/03/2003 6:56 AM, Horn, Hazel V at wrote:

> Hi Cheryl,
> We are required to clock in.   Our system uses the telephone to clock in and
> out, enter vacation, on-call pay and sick time.    The time system has built
> in times for tardy.   8 minutes is the official tardy time.   If your
> scheduled to come in at 7:00 and you clock in at 7:07 you are still on time.
> But, if you clock in at 7:08 you are late, and are not paid on the clock
> until 7:15.     The system works like this every 15 minutes, until 7
> minuntes after each quarter hour you will be paid for the full 15 minutes,
> at 8 minutes after each quarter hour you are not paid untiil the beginning
> of the next quarter hour.
> I believe you cannot be discretionary in any tardiness policy.   Late is
> late,  no matter the circumstances.   If you try to create exceptions, I
> think you would be setting yourself up for possible discrimnation issues.
> Our hospital has policies for what constitutes excessive tardiness, and what
> happens if it is habitual.
> Hazel   
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>> Hi Histonetters!!  I have a few quick questions related to the way your
>> place of employment keeps track of your hourly personnal.  Do your techs
>> (HT/HTL/MTL/MT/CT/etc) punch a time clock or swipe a badge- whatever like
>> that?  If so, what are the rules for what constitutes a tardy?  For
>> example: A tech is scheduled at 6:30am.  Is 6:31 a tardy? 6:35? 6:40?
>> And my other question is who descides if someone's tardiness is in need of
>> discipline and is that discipline discretionary (based on circumstances-
>> weather, pregnancy, illness) or straight accross the board for everyone?
>> Thank you for your responses :)
>> Cheryl Ann Powell B.S., HTL(ASCP)
>> Botsford General Hospital
>> Farmington Hills, MI USA
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