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As professionals, tardiness should not be part of our vocabulary, however, this is not always the case in the real world.  I have worked in several hospitals, each with different rules.  One hospital allows staff to clock in 7 minutes before or after their assigned time without penalty.  One hospital does not have a policy and it was left up to the supervisor.  One hospital allows staff to clock in 3 minutes before or after their assigned time.  

Each hospital I've worked in uses some form of time clock - a punch card or a magnetic card.  One hospital uses a telephone system that requires the employee to use the phones within their department.  This prevents employees from using a time clock that may be near their parking area, but 5 minutes from their department or clocking in and taking a break before starting work.

One hospital has an attendance policy that records points based on length of tardiness or type of absence.  The employee can accumulate so many points within a 12 month period and at a designated level a written warning is issued.  If additional points are accumulated a second and third warning is issued.  If the employee reaches the final level they are terminated.  This is a bit difficult for the staff to accept, but it solves a problem.

Hope this information helps.


>>> Cheryl Powell  03/20/03 09:20AM >>>

Hi Histonetters!!  I have a few quick questions related to the way your place of employment keeps track of your hourly personnal.  Do your techs (HT/HTL/MTL/MT/CT/etc) punch a time clock or swipe a badge- whatever like that?  If so, what are the rules for what constitutes a tardy?  For example: A tech is scheduled at 6:30am.  Is 6:31 a tardy? 6:35? 6:40?   And my other question is who descides if someone's tardiness is in need of discipline and is that discipline discretionary (based on circumstances- weather, pregnancy, illness) or straight accross the board for everyone?  Thank you for your responses :)

Cheryl Ann Powell B.S., HTL(ASCP) 
Botsford General Hospital 

Farmington Hills, MI USA 

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