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From:Vinnie Della Speranza

I have a hunch but need a bit more info. 
you didn't mention if you stain the slides on a machine and if they are stained with the slide in a vertical position?  please indicate. also, are you doing a regressive H&E, i.e. do you differntiate with acid alcohol??

Lastly, does this happen on all slides and have you ruled out the possibility of a microtome problem, ie alternating thick and thin sections??

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>>>  03/26/03 09:55AM >>>
Hello histonetters!
   We have been experiencing a problem in our lab with our staining...We usually put 2 levels of bx speicmens side by side on a slide...we are having problems with the level that ends up on the bottom in the staining rack.  This level stains lighter than the top level...our solutions are all above the staining we dont feel that is the problem.  Even when the solutions are fresh this seems to occur..We are currently using Richard allen products...Does anyone have a clue on this strange problem?
   Thank you in advance!
  Kathy Bowden
  Nanticoke Memorial Hospital 
  Seaford De.

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