Re: haemoglobin staining


Interestingly, some years ago, I was trying to prove that marks on the breast of a murdered woman  were in fact bite marks, I found all the non  bendizene methods for haemoglobin  trhat may be found in the standard text-books were inconclusive.
The benzidine method  successfully demonstrated the igment, confirming the strong clinical and circumstantial evidence.
I drew the conclusion that, despite  strong the proven carcinogenicity of this substance, it may on occasions be the most reliable histochemical method of demonstrating haemoglobin in human tissue.
It is a prohibited substance in the UK and that may mean I was law breaking in carrying out the investigation
(the suspect was found guillty).
The use of benzidine for the histological demonstration of haemoglobin in human bite marks.  Allisom & Whittaker.  Journal of Clinical Pathology.1990;43:600 - 603.Russ Allison,
Dental School

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