Re: Spurr Resin Embedding

From:Teresa Flores

Pam, try using a flat embedding mold. Our EM lab routinely processing nerve
biopsies and our pathologist would like a cross and longitundinal section -
ON THE SAME SLIDE!, therefore we use the "end" part, not the tip, of a flat
embedding mold, orient by size and polymerize flat, overnight, and in am
pop out and embed in a BEEM capsule upright and polymerize 2 hrs at 90oC
using hard spurr and viola, ready to section. We use the re-embedding on
beem capsule as the vise grip holder for flat molds is "difficult" to
change out, when our lab routinely uses round, beem capsules. Ok, hope it
is not too confuseing, if it is, call me, Teresa 504-568-6042.
 >Hi:  Wondering if there are any experts on embedding
>techniques using Spurr Resin.  The project, with
>infiltration and polymerization is going well, but I'm
>trying to embed a tube like structure on end.  It
>keeps on falling over...I just know theres a way to do
>it!  I also have specs I'd like to embed flat and on
>edge.  Any helpful hints are appreciated, thanks, Pam
>Pamela A. Plumlee
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