Re: Liquid nitrogen problem

From:Greg Dobbin

How about a good old fashioned thermos bottle (with lid loose of 
course!). The nurse from the health clinic here on campus travels 
across campus with thermos bottle to pick up some liquid nitrogen 
for the wart clinic. Granted she is walking, not driving. But if the 
thermos was secured in a cooler (again, lid not tight), so that it 
would not tip over you should get along fine, no? 

I remember one guy getting a thermos bottle of the stuff to take up 
in a helicopter!! He needed it for some fancy photographic 
equipment he was using. 

The group can go ahead and chastise me if they think I am being 
too maverick in my suggestion. I don't think the dry ice idea you 
suggest is going to produce useful results. Good luck.

Date sent:      	Mon, 24 Mar 2003 14:19:36 +0000
Subject:        	Liquid nitrogen problem

> Dear all,
> I am new to this work and if somebody could help me with this 
> problem I would be very grateful. 
> We are going to obtain skeletal muscle samples from surgery 
> which we want to use for immunohistochemistry and in situ 
> hybridization. We wanted to mount the muscle sample on cork in 
> OCT and freeze it in isopentane/ liquid nitrogen there at the 
> hospital. However there is no facility for getting liquid nitrogen at 
> the hospital and transporting it there would be difficult. My question 
> is would it be possible to freeze the muscle sample on dry ice, 
> transport it back to the lab and then freeze in isopentane/liquid 
> nitrogen? Could this sample still be used for immunohistochemistry 
> and in situ hybridization?
> Thanks to anyone that can help!
> Maria Doyle
> PhD Candidate
> University College Dublin,
> Ireland

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