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From:Geoff McAuliffe


1. PubMed for recent references.
2. Someone in the pharmacology dept. at your institution.
3. Someone in the biochemistry dept. at your institution.
4. Someone in the neurology dept. at your institution.
5. Textbooks on HPLC methods in the library at your institution.

Marcus Andrews wrote:

> I hope this won't be perceived as inappropriate for the mailing list,
> but I would like to find a resource on HPLC methods.  In particular, I
> will be trying to measure tissue serotonin content.  I have a stock of
> frozen tissue which will need to be processed for this, but have a
> feeling that the best results will come from freshly homogenized tissue.
> Any ideas?  Methods/protocols would be great :)
> Thanks,
> Marcus
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