Re: H&E automated protocol


If you want give me a call,  I will see what I can do. If you can get me a
copy of your protocol.


Mari Ann Mailhiot BA HT ASCP
Application Specialist
Leica Technical Assistance Center
800 248 0123 x7267
847 236 3063 fax

                      "Gomez, Milton"                                                                                               
            >                cc:                                                                                
                                                 Subject:  H&E automated protocol                                                   
                      03/19/2003 10:26 AM                                                                                           

Does anyone have an H&E protocol for an automated Leica?  I'm currently
using four changes of Harris Hematoxylin from Surgipath, which works
very good for the first 10 racks of slides, then the Hema starts fading

Thanks in advance,


New York University Medical Center
Hematopathology Department

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