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There is a "Drabkin's Reagent" used for hemoglobin
determination.  It consists of sodium bicarbonate, potassium
ferricyanide and potassium cyanide.  The potassium
ferricyanide oxidizes hemoglobin to methemoglobin.
Methemoglobin then reacts with potassium cyanide to form
cyanmethemoglobin.  The color intensity at 540 nm is
proportional to the hemoglobin concentration.  Usually a
standard is required and the sensitivity is only around 1
gram/dL.  A quick Google search on "hemoglobin reagent" will
produce several vendors.

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> I know this is a histology forum but we have many diverse
> backgrounds and I am trying to tap into those
histotechs/medtechs brains.
> am asking this on behalf of my lab manager. She is trying
to set up a
> for specimen rejection by using a hemolysis standard. In
Oct 1995 MLO put
> out an article about Hemolysis meeting QIP and talked
about a solution
> called Drubbins solution.
> What she was hoping for is finding a hemolysis standard
that they can
> make or buy cheaply to stabilize the deterioration of
cells. I hope this
> covers what you need to know to help us out or direct me
to someone or
> someplace that can help us. Thank you in advance for you
time and help.
> Have a good today and a better tomorrow.
> Michelle Moore HT(ASCP)
> Craig, CO

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