Re: DPX New risk statements.

From:Bob Sunley

If you do a google search on the chemical, you will find a source of the warning,

Low levels of dibutyl phthalate seem to be very prevelent in the environment and 
frome its widespread use in production of pvc and I assume other plastics, it 
would seem to be almost impossible to avoid exposure to it. 


On 20 Mar 2003, at 10:25, Mehew David (RJF) Burtonh-tr wrote:

> Hello,
> Has anyone who uses DPX as a mounting medium noticed that on new bottles and
> the accompanying hazard data sheets there are two new risk statements?
> Dibutyl phthalate (the plasticiser used) now carries warnings that state -
> may cause harm to the unborn child and possible risk of impaired fertility
> (R61 and R62 in the European system).
> Does anyone know whether the standard procedures used when mounting (gloves,
> extraction etc) are sufficient to remove any risk?
> Should we stop using it?
> Is there a suitable safe(r) alternative?
> Dave Mehew

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