RE: using the microwave to dry slides

From:"Locallo, Catherine"


Look at the Leica and Sukura stainers.  The Leica has a larger basket and
the staining program can be configured to run two baskets at a time.  The
Sukura stainer is also good but uses a smaller basket.  I have used both and
they are great stainers.

Cathy Locallo BA HT(ASCP)HTL(ASCP)
Director Anatomic Pathology
Children's Memorial Hospital
Chicago, IL     

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> Hi All, 
>     Our lab stains 800-1000 H&E slides every day. Because of the volume we
> find it necessary to use a kitchen microwave to dry the water from the
> slides before staining. I was wondering if other labs use this technique
> with success. Is there a way of QCing this procedure? Also, we are looking
> into an automatic stainer. Has anyone found one that keeps up with the
> volume? Thank you so much in advance for your help.  Paula

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