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This reeks of a policy implemented in many public schools called "Zero
Tolerance".  I'm sure many of you have heard the horror stories but
honestly, when I first heard this was to be started in our school system I
thought it sounded like a great idea.  I mean, drugs and weapons should be
handled in a zero tolerance manner, right?  Wrong!  Who knew aspirin and key
chains would become reasons for suspension! I agree with a teacher who told
me it was an excuse for administrators not to have to think.  I think the
internet situation is very similar.  There is such a huge amount of
information that is valuable to your work why would you cut it off from
everyone because someone likes to play solitaire or plan their vacation on
company time?  Handle each situation individually and you'll take care of
the problem why respecting the other employees right to access useful,
work-related  information.


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This is a problem that I am all too familiar with. 
If abuse is occurring such that inappropriate sites are being accessed
or employees are spending too much time surfing the net then the company
needs to deal with this. Having said this, I think that it is important
to deal with the problem at the source, namely those employees who are
carrying out such abuse. The application of a "blanket rule" while
treating everyone in a uniform manner is poor administration as it
penalizes abusers and non-abusers alike. If I were you I would indicate
to your company that you agree that abuse should not occur but that to
be fair to all employees that the company "lay down the law" to those
employees that are abusing the network access. It is very important that
there then be some consequences if this rule is broken. Enforcement of
this rule will act as a deterrent without penalizing "non abusers".

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Just curious as to whether any other employees have experienced this:
our employer is taking away our internet access. Apparently, too much
abuse has occurred, especially on the third shift.  I'm really going to
miss having all the web sites I now have available to me, not to mention

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