RE: loss of antigenicity

From:Young Kwun

I know one such reference.
"Assessment of Problems in Diagnostic and Research IHC Associated with
Epitope Instability in Stored Paraffin Sections" by Lambert JCM et al. in
Applied Immunohistochemistry & molecular Morphology 8(4):316-321, 2000
Yes, they mentioned Ki-67 annd CD31 along with many other antibodies. They
reported some storage damage on both antibodies. At the moment we only keep
some antobodies such as ER, PR and mismatch repair gene proteins at freezer
I hope this helps.


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> H'netters,
> I am looking for references for decreases of antigenicity in paraffin
> sections stored over temp, 4C or both. Of particular interest
> are Ki-67 and CD31. I only found one in a pubmed search. Can you
> folks could
> help me out? Internal observations would also be useful.
> Thanks,
> Brett
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