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From:Barry R Rittman

When you say cut in half I assume that you want to cut across the tooth
to expose the pulp. To do so it s best to use a diamond disc or diamond
bladed band saw. This will cause least damage during this slicing. There
will still be some damage to the pulp but this will not extend all the
Another option is to cut the tooth lengthwise but not into the pulp,
leave a thin layer of dentin as fixative can penetrate quite quickly
along the dentinal tubules.
I would recommend that you first place in fixative for an hour to help
harden the soft tissue to prevent damage during the slicing process.
If you need any further details please contact me.


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Sent: Monday, March 31, 2003 12:32 PM
Subject: fixing and decalcifying

Hi!  I have a question I'm hoping someone out there can answer.  I have
dog teeth (still in the bone) to fix and decalcify for paraffin
sectioning and H&E staining.  I've had problems in the past with the
pulp in these teeth being too soft.  I would like to try to cut the
teeth in half and fix them longer (in Davidson's fixative) before
decalcifying them the rest of the way and processing them.  What would
be a good way to go about this?  


Milli Pope
VAPH Histology

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