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No, it IS Daniel  C. Pease (1964), Histological Techniques for Electron Microscopy (2nd Ed.), Academic Press, NY, NY, and the fixative is called "Pease"s Fixative".  It goes like this on p. 52 of the above (in his section on Buffered Aldehydes (pp. 51-56):
                Stock Buffer Salt Solution:
                    Monosodium (monobasic) sodium phosphate                    2.26%
                Stock alkali solution:
                    NaOH                                                                               2.52%
                Fixative, 10% buffered Formalin   
                    Monosodium phosphate solution                                        83 ml
                    NaOH solution                                                                   17 ml
                    Choice of:
                        Formalin (methanol free, 40% formaldehyde)                11 ml
                        Paraformaldehyde (powder, pH adjustment
                             and 60oC necessary for solution)                                4 gm
                Adjust pH to 7.2-7.4 as necessary
History:  This is Pease's first mention of Paraformaldehyde (nothing in his 1st Ed. in 1960) and he wrote this book during a period during which Electron Microscopists were toiling away trying every Aldehydes in the Fisher catalog in all possible concentrations to find one or a combination that did really well for general, or specific, tissue fixation/preservation.  "Formalin", as we knew it in those days was always laced with 10+% of methanol as a preservative and that is why the ambivalence to it in the above recipe. 
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Does anyone out there know of a Pease fixative?
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