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We carry out HNPCC testing using both MLH-1 and MSH-2 as well as MSH-6,
PMS-2 and MGMT. We've recently published a paper in Applied
Immunohistochemistry and Molecular Morphology (Manavis et al 2003) detailing
our methods. The antibodies, which all work very well on formalin fixed
paraffin embedded material are listed below. Best results are achieved using
a pressure cooker for antigen retrieval.

MLH1	BD Pharmingen (Cat No. 554072)
MSH2	BD Pharmingen (Cat No. 556349)
MSH6	BD Transduction (Cat No. 610919)
PMS2	BD Pharmingen (Cat No. 556415)
MGMT	NeoMarkers (Cat No.MS-470-P)


Jim Manavis
Senior Hospital Scientist
Department of Neuropathology
Institute of Medical & Veterinary Science
Adelaide, SA, 5000
Phone: 61-08-8222-3668
FAX: 61-08-8222 3204
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I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has successfully been using these
antibodies, have had a request to do a project, pathologist has chosen BD
Pharmingen antibodies, and while I am trying to cost the project, it would
be nice to know that the antibody does work well.  Thanx.

Debra Browning, ART
Technical Specialist, Immunohistochemistry
Anatomic Pathology
Hamilton Health Sciences
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