RE: Infarct and Trichrome Questions

From:"Georger, Mary"

A Movat's Pentachrome will work quite nicely, but at your timepoint I am not
sure you will see much yet. We show at that timepoint with GAP junction
antibodies, specifically Connexin 43.

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> The time frame you describe is not long enough for new collagen to form
> and show up with a trichrome stain. I recall that there are stains to show
> infarcted myocardium, but I can't remember any specifics. I suggest a trip
> to the library. Look in textbooks of  Pathology, Histopathology or
> Cardiology. Try Thompson's "Selected Histochemical and Histopathological
> Techniques" or Lillie and Fullmer's text for starters. 
> K.C. Rosburg wrote:
> 	I am new at performing histology slides and have been appointed to
> do this for my lab. My current project is looking at the apoptotic rate of
> murine heart sections. I need a way to test and locate the area of the
> infarct at a cellular level.  The following protocol that is used on the
> slides is a TUNEL assay kit.  A friend suggested that I try using Massons
> TriChrome Blue.  This would stain the infarct area blue from the collagen.
> But I am cant figure out how long it would take before the collagen begins
> to form following the infarct.  I am looking at the hearts roughly 12-16
> hours after the infarct was induced.  Any thoughts as to how I can locate
> the infarct????
> 	Help would be greatly apreciated
> Geoff
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