Infarct and Trichrome Questions

From:"K.C. Rosburg"

I am new at performing histology slides and have been appointed to do this
for my lab.  My current project is looking at the apoptotic rate of murine
heart sections.  I need a way to test and locate the area of the infarct
at a cellular level.  The following protocol that is used on the slides is
a TUNEL assay kit.  A friend suggested that I try using Massons TriChrome
Blue.  This would stain the infarct area blue from the collagen.  But I am
cant figure out how long it would take before the collagen begins to form
following the infarct.  I am looking at the hearts roughly 12-16 hours after
the infarct was induced.  Any thoughts as to how I can locate the infarct????
Help would be greatly apreciated

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