Ferritin and prussion blue

From:Sven Terclavers

Dear all,

Does anyone know whether it is possible that ferritin, or the iron-part, disappears after an acidic
or alcoholic step (or another step) in the staining-protocol for prussion blue or due to the
tissuepreperation-protocol for sectioning (paraffin)?
We are trying to stain bloodvessels that are mechanically filled with ferritin-gel with prussion
blue.  Before staining it is clear that the ferritin is in the vessels, but after sectioning and
staining it looks like the ferritin is gone.  Normally the prussion blue should stain the ferritin?!
And it would be strange that it 'falls out' of the vessels during sectioning, since bismuth can be
used nicely...
Thanks in advance,

Sven Terclavers

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