CA Society for Histotechnology Meeting

From:"Chu, Shirley"

To All,
The Annual Symposium/Convention of the California Society for Histotechnology will be held May 15-18, 2003 at the Beach Resort Hotel in Monterey, CA.  In addition to the our workshops (topics below), an exhibitor's hall will be open from the afternoon of May 15th through May 18th.  

	Workshop Titles
	   Antibodies for the New Millennium			Understanding Microtomy
	   Automated Microscopy				Topics for Discussion in IHC
	   Intro to ISH and Automated Detection Technology	HT(ASCP) Registry Readiness
	   Cytology for the Hisotechnologist			Frozen Sectioning Techniques
	   Alternative Fixatives					Idiosyncransies of IHC
	   Creating a Competency Assessment Program		Microwave Fixation Techniques
	   Architecture of Cells and Tissues			Breast Cancer in the New Millennium
	   Microbiology Bingo 					Neurohistology's role in Understanding Prion Diseases

If you would like an electronic version of the full program (abstracts, hotel information, etc), please contact me at:

Shirley Chu
California Society for Histotechnology

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