Bielcshowsky suggestions

From:Liz Chlipala

Here are the suggestions that we used to achieve the results we needed for
the Bielschowsky.  We really watched the times in the silver solutions, we
did not heat the slides in the microwave, we just heated the solution and
then placed the slides in the heated solution.  We cut down the times
significantly (2-3 minutes in the silver solutions) and watched very closely
the progress, placing the slides in cold distilled water when we were
viewing them, they turned out great.



Make sure your ammonium hydroxide is fresh.  We were having trouble with
this stain (for the HTL practical) and we found a HUGE improvement when we
acquired fresh ammonium hydroxide.

Melissa Jans 

When she is using the microwave protocol, make sure she stirs it well before
putting it into the oven.  With the microwave protocol, she should be
checking it all the time, it turns very rapidly 10-20 seconds, once you're
close to development.  She should rinse immediately with distilled water
once she has developed the stain to the point she wants to.  If she doesn't
rinse right away in Cold DW, the reaction will continue.  Hope that helps.

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