I need help!!!

I have been a Supervisor here for a year and a half.  The problem is lack of responsibility and motivation.  I have tried everything that I can think of to try yo get the employees to understand that we are a team here for the benefit of the patients that are waitng for the results of thier biopsies.  Before I came here they hadn't had a supervisor for almost 3 years.
The things that I have tried have caused the following responses from the employees:
"That is childish" - in response to a reward system
"She is too direct" - in response to my expectations
"She is condinscending" - in response to my staff meetings when errors are pointed out

Any advice would be greatly appreciated-- I am ready to give up and I don't like to give up.

I would prefer to remain anonymous on the list server, but if anyone would like to delve deeper, I would be happy to chat outside the list server.

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