Strange BVD staining

From:Connie McManus

Hi all,
We are having some trouble with our Bovine Viral Diarrhea  (BVD) IHC staining.  We get great results staining gut tissues, but the ear notches have stopped working.  We use  known positive and known negative  tissues for our controls.  The weird thing is, both were working just peachy keen at 1:2000, then the ear notch tissues stopped working, but the gut tissues have continued to stain just fine.  We have had to increase the ab concentration to 1:500 just last week. Our antibody is from Oklahoma State U., mouse ascites fluid.
Is there anyone who my have some clue why the antibody will work on one tissue and not another even though it used  to work fine on both?
Thanks so much!
Connie McManus
Utah Veterinary Diagnostics Laboratory
Utah State University
Logan, UT
phone: 435/797-1891
fax: 435/797-2805

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