Re: substitute for K-mount - longish reply

From:louise renton

Dear Leon,

Perhaps I did not make myself clear. I am aware that technovit 3040 is a 
substitute for K-mount, but if I order it from Germany, it will take 6 weeks 
to get here!!!! We use products such as this to stick block mounts such as 
"histoblocs" to the polymerised specimen block, as well as to build up 
blocks so that they can be clamped more easily in the microtome.

We have, in the past, used K-plast, a MMA resin for our specimens, but due 
to the supply company being unreliable, I have just recently started using 
Technovit 9100new. For moulds, I use anything, including small plastic food 
containers with lids(the kind that no self- respecting housewife would use 
as they conatin about 2 tablespoons of anything) to polypropylene pill 

Thank you fo your help,
Beste wense

Louise Renton
Bone Research Unit
South Africa
Tel & fax +27 11 717 2298
"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana"

>From: "Driessen, L." 
>Subject: Re: substitute for K-mount
>Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2003 07:35:46 +0100
>Dear Louise,
>I'm not familiar with this product caaled K-mount, but I do know a similar 
>product called Technovit 3040. Perhaps this might work. Furthermore I'm 
>interested in your mountingmethod. Would you like to explain to me how it 
>works and what products (resins, molds etc.) you use?
>Succes and thanks

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