Re: question about in vivo staining of brain in rat

From:"J. A. Kiernan" wrote:
> Dear Histonet,
> I am a fourth year medical student working in a model for intra-arterial
> drug delivery in rat. In my system, I can get a microcatheter into the
> anterior cerebral artery (ACA). I would like to deliver a dye only to
> parenchyma supplied by the ACA such that, on post-mortem, the ACA
> distribution will be stained. I tried methylene blue and although it
> stained the vessel itself, it did not stain the brain, presumably because
> it could not pass out of the bloodstream owing to brain microvascular tight
> junctions.
> Does anyone have suggestions ...

Ask your research supervisor, who should know the
literature well even if he/she cannot answer your
specific question from memory. Peer-reviewed papers
are the only justifiable source of previous information
when you are doing research.

Suppose that someone answers your email saying, "I use
VascuPerf Pink from Conmen Inc, and it accurately shows
the territory of the artery."  Would you believe such a
pronouncement and spend your supervisor's hard-won
grant money on the product? 

If you throw out a question on the Internet you
get thrown-back and thrown-up answers. You cannot
trust them until you have checked out the references
to real world publications. This response to your
question falls into the thrown-up category because
when I was a medical student we asked for help with
assignments only after failing after a day or two
in the library. We then asked the local academic
staff (our supervisors' colleagues) for additional
advice about review articles and chapters in books.
That way, all the readings were somehow peer-reviewed
by someone.  Replies from the Web, including this 
one, have no value unless and until you check out the
references. This reply (with no refs) is therefore 
worthless. (It's also worthless because it doesn't
give an answer to your question. The advice is sound,
John A. Kiernan MB, ChB, PhD, DSc
Professor, Dept of Anatomy and Cell Biology
The University of Western Ontario
London,   Canada   N6A 5C1

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