Re: Tergitol for Acid Fast Organisms (by way of Histonet)


I do remember tergitol. We used this at University of Chicago. I can fax it
to you if you like. It works great.


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Mike & Phyllis Thaxton  (by way of Histonet) on 03/07/2003
09:43:08 AM


Subject:    Tergitol for Acid Fast Organisms

Another question for us old folks since there are some that are so old that
we can't remember...

Does anyone have a procedure using Tergitol for Acid Fast Organisms? Our
works fine on the tissue control slide, but we haven't had a positive in
some time...and we are all beginning to question this. Can anyone remember
using Terigtol or is there another method anyone can recommend besides the
AFB stain???


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