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My mother STILL washes all of the household laundry with an old wringer and tub.  She buys them up whenever she finds them, just in case the one they have stops working.  She swears it gets the clothes cleaner and uses less water.  She also hangs all of her clothes to dry them, using lines hung in the basement during the cold Wisconsin winter months.  :-)

>>> Victoria Baker <> 03/05/03 08:59AM >>>
At not quite 43, I felt a twinge of middle age
creeping up, my grandfather had "modified" an old
Studebaker for use on the family farm. It ran, don't
ask me how, until 1968. After that it was a favorite
toy for my brother and I. PF Flyers were sneakers I
think, and we had a coal furnace as well as a wood
stove, My grandmother wouldn't use anything but a
washing tub with wringer. I agree, it brought back
memories of days that were much simpler.
By the way I had a score of 20. Only time I truly
feel "older than dirt" is Friday, after I've finally
gotten out of the LAB!

Vikki Baker
Institute for Cancer Prevention
Valhalla, New York

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