Re: Cassette Printer Problem

From:Dave Low

Hi Robert,
We have a Surgipath VCP cassette printer, one clue
that I can offer is the ribbon may have to be changed.
 Is it alot or just a few cases?  I know for the few
cases  was due to a tech accidently smearing the
accession number.    I always make sure the numbers do
not look faded before grossing because during
processing the alcohol (is your first alcohol solution
grey) will decolorize the numbers a bit.  Good luck!

Elmendorf Med Ctr, AK

--- "LUCAS Robert (RF4) BHR Hospitals"
> I wondered if anyone else has encountered this
> problem and has any ideas?
>  We have a Surgipath VCP cassette printer in our cut
> up. This morning when
> we took our cassettes out of the processor the
> numbers had come off  two of
> the cassettes that were next to each other (In fact
> they were so feint as to
> be completely illegible). The day before when the
> cassettes were loaded they
> were checked to insure the cassettes were labelled
> and no problem was seen
> ( I saw them myself). Fortunately we were able to
> identify which cases the
> casettes belonged to but we are worried that if this
> happens again this may
> not be possible. The cassettes were printed in
> advance because with this
> kind of printer the ink takes a little time to dry.
> In fact some cassettes
> were printed out during the cut up and the numbers
> were clear the following
> day. The printer is set to two passes. We routinely
> process overnight
> through formalin, 70% IMS, 90% IMS, IMS, xylene and
> paraffin wax.
> So for the time being we have changed the tape and
> are writing the number in
> pencil on the side till we feel confident that the
> printer is reliable. (I'm
> going to take some convincing)
> Rob Lucas FIBMS DipCompOpen
> Cheif BMS
> Histology
> King George Hospital
> Goodmayes
> Essex

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