Re: Basic Histo Course

From:Paul Bradbury

Hi Greg,

University College of the Cariboo in Kamloops, BC, is currently developing a
distance education (correspondence) course that may well meet your needs.
The first module is expected to be available by June this year.  Contact
Joanne Fennell at for more information.

UCC has been offering distance education courses in Health Sciences for
several years. The Medical Laboratory Assistant program is well established.
The courses are well respected, very well produced, and not overpriced like
some private "colleges" in Canada and the US. The new courses are part of a
new Medical Laboratory Technology  Distance Education program that is
currently being developed.

These new courses may be what your colleague is looking for. But, it will be
several months before all the modules in the Histology course are available.

If your colleague needs the courses sooner than this, I would suggest that
she contacts one of the Medical Laboratory Training programs close to where
you are. They may have distance education courses suitable for her.  All MLT
programs in Canada include Histology training.

In Newfoundland

In Toronto

Paul Bradbury, FIMLS, ART
Kamloops Canada

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