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HI Sylvia:

    Yes, you can do a glycerin jelly mount with DAB. I do suggest that your DAB is intensified with nickel, nickel-cobalt, or a commercially available product (I like Vector's "Intense"). The beauty of DAB is that it can be dehydrated and made "permanent" (OK, relatively permanent). Water miscible mounts are not as permanant as dehydrated and cleared specimens.


Sylvia Poulos wrote:

> My lab's been using AEC as the color substrate of choice for several years.  The color was stable for at least 6 months until very recently.  I'm seeing that some staining lasts 6 months while others only last a onth or so.  I cover slip using glycerol gelatin.  Any thoughts as to why the shift in stability?  I've tried using different batches of AEC with no change.
> Those of you using DAB...can I use a water soluble mount with DAB?  I'm not a histo-buff...this is just a side part of my job so please pardon my obvious lack of basic knowledge.
> Thanks!
> Sylvia Poulos
> Animal Physiology Research Unit
> Athens, GA

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