Re: 40 um paraffin sections coming loose from the slides


It is a good idea with very thick sections of brain to let them air dry for
24 hr. Then place the slides in an over to melt paraffin. Keep using the
slides you are using. I found them to be the best.


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Susanne Sørensen  on 03/05/2003 03:53:23 PM

To:    histonet 

Subject:    40 um paraffin sections coming loose from the slides

Hi Everyone

 I'm cutting 40 um paraffin sections, human brain, so the sections is very
 big. The problem is, that some sections (to much) is coming loose from the
 slides when I rehydrate. I coated the slides with 4,5% gelatine and 4,0%
 potassium chromic sulphate.  I have tried silane slides but the
 gelatine/ChromeAlun seems to be the best for now.

If anyone has a suggestion to overcome the problem with loose section, I
would like to here from you.


Sus Sørensen
Research Lab Stereology & Neuroscience

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