RE: trail and tnf-r1 antibodies

From:"Breckenridge, Richard A."

We use the TRAIL on FFPE tissues. We got it from Pharmingen (I don't know if
they are still in business!. We run it LSAB2 at 1:400. There is a picture of
it on our website at (follow the Special Procedures link
on the left side). 

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Subject: RE: trail and tnf-r1 antibodies

Hi Janis,

I use TNFR1 from R&D systems Inc.  but I do not do FFPE tissues.  I only use
frozen/acetone fixed.

Good luck.....please let me know if you find one that works.

David Kinsley
Schering-Plough Research Institute
Kenilworth, NJ 07033

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Subject: trail and tnf-r1 antibodies

Does anyone have a source for TRAIL or TNF-R1 antibodies that work on
formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissure? Thanks, Jan Rodgers

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