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From:Jaclynn Lett

Please forgive me,

In the past I've ignored this type of thread once it's crossed over to the
realm of insult (I know where the DELETE key is).  However, I would like to
make a comment about it now.  This is intended as a polite request, not an
edict (so please don't flame me).

We should use our judgment when discussing matters that cross the line and
become emotional.  Rather than post inflammatory remarks, think for a
moment:  Do you want to perpetuate something that listers may be embarrassed
or otherwise uncomfortable to read?  Should you continue the discussion
privately?  Or should you perhaps let the issue drop?

We have enough things in our jobs and in our lives that cause stress.  The
listserver, as I see it, should be a place to solve problems, not cause

(Okay, I know some of this starts with comments that are made "tongue in
cheek" but it's not always easy to recognize that in email messages.)

Thank you,

J.M. Lett     

Harold W. Siebens Hearing Research Center
Central Institute for the Deaf
4560 Clayton Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63110

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fax:  314-977-0030

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If you would like to discuss things further outside the work environment (in
person preferably), please let me know.  Also, re-read my post below and
think about just how inappropriate your comments are.


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From: Mike Avery [mailto:mavery@PCLLAB.COM]
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       Try as I may to ignore your comments, I had to respond to your latest
contribution to this server.  Glen the world doesn't revolve around you and
I am sure that prior to your hiring, your company did fine without you. One
only needs to read between the lines you wrote to know what you are about.
You only further solidify yourself as the resident  " cry baby" of the
histonet and your employer. I for one wouldn't hire you if I had multiple
openings in my laboratory. I wonder what your employer would say about your
loyalty and commitment?

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> You are a victim of bad timing.  Now is not a good time to be a Histology
> Supervisor and it will only get worse.  An overworked, underpaid,
> underappreciated worker will always be more difficult to motivate.  If
> situation is like this, your in for long, difficult journey.  If you are
> fully staffed, your techs are paid well, and they are shown some respect
> and then, fire one of them and I'll come work for you.  I believe that in
> the next 5 to ten years, over half of our staff will retire and we'll be
> a world of hurt.
> Glen Dawson

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