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This type of behavior and attitude is not accepted in our lab. Our employee
population is about equal and we all try to respect the other person. I have
worked all over the world as my husband is retired military. The labs that I
have worked in have been, for the most part, void of such things,
thankfully. The military is very up on "Sexual Harassment" and inappropriate
work environments. I'm not saying that it doesn't happen, but I have found
it to be to the absolute minimum,  if at all. As a supervisor, I enforce
(and expect) such things to be left at home. The work place is not the
environment to be sharing such things or attitudes. It makes for a better
work environment and all receive the respect that they deserve whether they
be male or female. Just my two cents worth.

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ok wading in when i shouldn't but whats a guy to do. i helped out in a histo
lab for a year, when we didn't have a lot of em to do. it was composed of
mostly women histotechs and one man histotech and myself. i do count my self
as a man just not a histo tech. 
i was amazed at all the sexual harassment that went on. from calenders of
chipendale dancers to porn on the web to the supervisor bringing in a cosmo
and reading outloud about an sexual encounter.
i was told this was common across all histo labs. needless to say i was
shocked and yes i can be shocked. 
so when someone called the comment sexist i had to laugh.
so someone please tell it isn't true, that this is common place today.

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