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While I was amused to hear about the lab where you helped out, I am afraid
that is just not the case in our lab.  We have 2 male histotechs and 2
females, plus 2-4 other laboratorians (male and female) that help out in
various capacities.  We all have a good sense of humor, a little bit bawdy
perhaps on a few occasions, but for the most part we just have a good time
while getting the work done.  The lab you spoke of is hopefully an

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ok wading in when i shouldn't but whats a guy to do. i helped out in a histo
lab for a year, when we didn't have a lot of em to do. it was composed of
mostly women histotechs and one man histotech and myself. i do count my self
as a man just not a histo tech. 
i was amazed at all the sexual harassment that went on. from calenders of
chipendale dancers to porn on the web to the supervisor bringing in a cosmo
and reading outloud about an sexual encounter.
i was told this was common across all histo labs. needless to say i was
shocked and yes i can be shocked. 
so when someone called the comment sexist i had to laugh.
so someone please tell it isn't true, that this is common place today.

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